The 4 guys you’ll (probably) date


Dear Avery,

My first crush was in 3rd grade. I distinctly remember wanting to sit next to a certain boy during story-telling time. I also remember having no idea WHY that was. The rest was history. Many more crushes were in store for me,  and boyfriends to come into my life. BUT, I was not that kind of girl. I was rather prude. I did not like to kiss very much because I thought it was gross and I hated how other kids would watch you (Come on folks, I’m a lady!). I did love to hold a boy’s hand… that was magical for me. I did date a lot though. I found that simply telling a boy that you liked them worked. It made their job easier, and I was never ashamed if the feeling was not mutual. I had guts, lots of guts.

Why does this matter to you? Because this will probably happen to you. You may not be as boy crazy as I was, but you will experience butterflies, giddiness, and heartbreak at many points of your life. I wanted to dissect my own love life to show you where I came from… It’s a journey, a fun journey. Enjoy it.

Here are the 4 types of boys that stood out most because they were all so different from each other.

The Romantic -

He was 14 going on 35. Treated me like a princess. Spoke softly and wrote me heartfelt notes. He once had put 6 roses in each of my 6 classes for our 6 month anniversary. (What 14-year-old boy does that?). Very sweet, very thoughtful.

  • Verdict: I was 14 myself, I wasn’t ready for this kind of attention. I didn’t know how to return this type of affection.
  • Hindsight: This is type of boy boosts confidence because he treats you so well and thinks so highly of you. I wish I would have dated him later in my high school experience where I could have really appreciated him.

Price Charming -

This is the “too good to be true” guy. He was the insanely smart athlete. He played football, and I cheerleaded. It was like a movie. He was beautiful, funny, nerdy, genuinely sweet, and drove my favorite car. And oh my gosh, he was one grade older! Whhhhhat?! I could not believe he even liked me. Me?!

  • Verdict: I did not feel like I was good enough for him. I figured that he would eventually end it, so I did first. I was 16, and this is a tough confidence time in your life.
  • Hindsight: If this type of boy makes you feel worth his time, then he deserves your time. Don’t fall into the “I don’t deserve him” thought. He liked you for a reason, so be confident in that decision.

The Bad Boy -

Every girl will fall into this trap. He drives a fast car, has a tough exterior, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. They appear edgy and adventurous. But let’s be real, he is still a boy and still has parents who oversee his life — he’s not that tough. And he is still afraid of your father. And somewhere along the way, you want to “fix” this guy. You want to prove to everyone who was against this (which will be almost everyone) that you see something “different”. Nope, they are right. Listen to them.

  • Verdict: The problem with the “bad boy” is, he is usually argumentative (apart of the image). You fight, you make up. You fight, you make up. I mistook this for passion when it was simply a disaster.
  • Hindsight: This lasted way too long. While fun for a while, this was not meant for a long term relationship. Mark my words. Don’t fall for this.

{Ahh, young love. So fun because you learn SO much from it.}

After those relationships and learning more about myself through them, I found my partner.  I firmly believe that I knew exactly what I wanted in a husband because of my past experiences. I married:

The Best Friend -

He is kind, thoughtful, witty, knows everything about you, and treats you like an equal. He is too good for me.

  • Verdict: He is the romantic + the prince charming + the practical.
  • Hindsight: I was right about him. :)

So, Aves, here’s to a lifetime ahead of love and adventures. Be true to yourself. If they treat you poorly, I hope you know the right time to walk away. If they treat you well, I hope you enjoy every second of that and return the favor.  At the end of the day, I hope you feel respected and loved.

With love,

Aunt Megs

Oscar Nomination Predictions – 2014


Dear Avery,

It’s that time of year again. We take a look back at the year’s best of the best films (or so the academy thinks!). This year, as a whole, I’ve been underwhelmed (sad trombone). And my favorite movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, got no love! None! I still believe we are in a time where Television rules, and Film is just a tad lackluster. But alas, we still have award season…someone must win that golden Oscar!

What I did find interesting about this year was the amount of true stories ( 12 Years a Slave, Wolf of Wall Street, Captain Phillips, and Dallas Buyers Club). Pretty neat to see that trend. Also, another theme I saw across these movies was the main character’s fight for survival under excruciating circumstances. I mean, Sandra Bullock’s character in Gravity is literally floating in space…fighting for her life, while Matthew McConaughey is given 30 days to live with AIDS, and Tom Hanks is being held captive by pirates…These triumphs are what movies are made for.

With that… I give you my 2014 Oscar predictions!gravity-alfonso-cuaron-george-clooney-set-image

Best Directing:
  • American Hustle (David O. Russell)
  • Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón) ***
  • Nebraska (Alexander Payne)
  • 12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)

Who will win: Alfonso Cuarón

Who should win: David O. Russell and Steve McQueen were a hard toss up for me. I like Russell’s style of directing as he is more of a character’s director. His characters are always unique and quirky. While McQueen held shots for a bit longer than you’d like, but it was to really feel the emotion of that scene. Vastly different styles of portrayals. That said, this is an incredible list of directors. Even if you haven’t seen the movies, you know they are going to be good just by looking at the names of these guys!


Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Me and Jared Leto, Oscars

  • Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips)
  • Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)
  • Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave)
  • Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street)
  • Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club) ***

Who will win: Jared Leto

Who should win: Jared Leto. First of all, selfishly, if he wins then I can say that I met an Oscar winner! I mean HELLO! Secondly, he was INCREDIBLE in this film. He played an HIV transsexual who’s heart and soul stole the movie from even Matthew McConaughey. He lived and breathed that character, and it was a sight to see.



Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Lupita Nyong'o Oscars

  • Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
  • Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
  • Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) ***
  • Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
  • June Squibb (Nebraska)

Who will win: Jennifer Lawrence

Who should win: Lupita Nyong’o. Don’t get me wrong, JLaw was my favorite character in American Hustle. She stole the show. However, Lupita’s performance was stunningly beautiful in an immensely dark situation. She is a genuine beauty and an incredible talent. (Oh, and also a new favorite in fashion trends. Can’t wait to see what she will be wearing!)


Best Actor in a Leading Role: Chiwetel-Ejiofor--12-Years-a-Slave

  • Christian Bale (American Hustle)
  • Bruce Dern (Nebraska)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) ***
  • Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)

Who will win: Matthew McConaughey

Who should win: Chiwetel Ejiofor. While I think Matthew was excellent in Dallas, Chiwetel’s role was harder to watch, and he had a sincere sadness in his eyes that made you believe him, made you feel his pain, made you so angry with his slave owners. His eyes showed all of that.


Best Actress in a Leading Role:Sandra Bullock - GRAVITY - oscars

  • Amy Adams (American Hustle)
  • Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
  • Sandra Bullock (Gravity) ***
  • Judi Dench (Philomena)
  • Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)


Who will win: Cate Blanchett

Who should win: Sandra Bullock. She is floating in space. FLOATING and ACTING. Enough said. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.


Best Animated Feature:

  • The Croods (Chris Sanders, Kirk DeMicco, Kristine Belson)Frozen Oscars
  • Despicable Me 2 (Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin, Chris Meledandri)
  • Ernest & Celestine (Benjamin Renner, Didier Brunner)
  • Frozen (Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Peter Del Vecho) ***
  • The Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki)

Who will win: Frozen

Who should win: Frozen. Frozen is easily was one of my favorite animated films to date. And yes, that also includes the early Disney films. It is adorable, funny, creative, and leaves you singing songs that you haven’t heard before. And Avery, if you have not seen this movie yet… you will LOVE it. That and, I honestly have not seen the others. ;)


Best Picture:

  • American Hustle
  • Captain Phillips12 years a slave
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Gravity
  • Her
  • Nebraska
  • Philomena
  • 12 Years a Slave ***
  • The Wolf of Wall Street

Who will win: 12 years a slave

Who should win: I actually really enjoyed Captain Phillips…it was a simple story line with incredible circumstances and tremendous acting. 12 years a slave, however, was very hard for me to watch due to the harsh physical and mental abuse (yes, I know its about slavery), but this movie really pushes the envelope leaving me crying for 10mins straight. Thanks a lot!

There they are. My picks. We shall see what unfolds!

See you at the movies, kid.

With love,

Aunt Megs

Life lessons from … Richard Sherman


Dear Avery,

I’m a 49ers fan. Your parents and grandparents (aunts, uncles, and friends from the Bay) are 49ers fans. This year in football, the 49ers were ONE game away from the Superbowl…only to lose to a very physical Seattle Seahawks team. It was an incredible game, down to the very last play. That play sparked controversy…10 minutes after… due to Richard Sherman’s interview. And I want to share some life lessons that came from it.

Our friends were over that night to watch the big game.Richard Sherman I repped my 49ers shirt, had lots of great snacks, and had a few outbursts of jumping and cheering. It was fun, despite the lost. While my friends were saying “Sorry, Megs. Maybe next year…” during the player interviews. We could SEE and HEAR Richard Sherman (the Seahawk who made an interception on the last play) freaking out, in an overly aggressive way. Literally yelling at the reporter and into the camera. Telling the world that he is the best corner in the game, and how the wide receiver he was covering was terrible. Everyone in the room actually stopped talking and had to rewind to see what was going on. He was that ridiculous.


Richard Sherman


During this entire 15 second interview, the first thing I thought was “Wow, this guy is so full of himself that he chose to talk about himself rather than his team”. I thought he was an idiot. I automatically judged him for acting like a thug. This was the biggest story following this incredible game. A 15 second interview of a guy talking about how great he is. Forget the team, forget the game. So much so that the internet had a field day…


While there was a lot of fun poked at this ( I certainly did!), hulk shermanI also saw a life lesson. I’m a passionate person and I appreciate passionate athletes. They wouldn’t make it to the pros without passion and dedication. Perhaps Sherman was being overly passionate in those 15 seconds… I get it. They just won a big game. But that’s the lesson… THEY won the big game. It wasn’t just him. Always remember to give credit where credit is due. He wouldn’t be giving a congratulatory interview without the help of his coaches and teammates. And now people will only remember this “self-centered” interview over the actual game itself.

At the end of the day, Richard Sherman is a great player. who made an incredible play. He is an intelligent guy (Stanford graduate and all), and apparently is a good guy. Unfortunately for him, those 15 seconds of air time will stay with him forever. He didn’t think through the consequences before he spoke. << Perhaps another life lesson?

Whatever you do in life, Avery, know that there will be people around you who will help you get there. Give them credit. Thank them. Appreciate them. Be gracious and give support back. You may be the best at what you do, but is it worth it to tell the whole world that? Is it worth it to be pompous for 15 seconds of glory… for a lifetime of ridicule? The simple answer is no.

With love,

Aunt Megs

My favorite things… 2013!


Dear Avery,2013

2013 was one incredible year. Your Uncle and I were both promoted in our jobs, sold our first house and bought another, both bought new cars, traveled a lot, and introduced some new babies into our family and friend’s families! It’s been a year of extreme growth and pure joy. In that year, I got to see you quite a few times…and my, have you GROWN. You are so funny, so smart, so inquisitive, so thoughtful, and so much fun to play with… and you are only 2 1/2…going on 13. :)

I wanted to reflect on this year with some of my favorite things (in the Oprah voice! — you may need to Google that later on).

Favorite songs:

1. Night Train – Jason Aldean (saw him in concert this year at the Hollywood Bowl. Amazzzzzing!)

2. Royals – Lorde

3. Demons – Imagine Dragons

4. When I was your man – Bruno Mars

5. Anywhere with you – Jake Owen (Also, saw him live with Jason Aldean!)

**Best Album: Babel – Mumford and Sons (even though it was released in 2012, I listened it the most in its entirety this year.)

^^All 5 of those songs I INSTANTLY loved the second the I heard them. Been jamming ever since.


Favorite Movies (While I really think that this was not the best year for movies and I still haven’t seen all the Oscar noms):

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (Ask your Uncle Ryan about this film, he worked on set as an extra!)

2. Hunger Games: Catching Fire

3. Man of Steel (I’m not the biggest Super Hero film fan, but I thought this one was one of the best!)

4. Monsters University

5. This is 40


Television was INCREDIBLE this year. Here are my 5 favorite TV shows (this was really hard):

1. Game of Thrones

2. The Blacklist

3. Brooklyn 99

4. The Mentalist

5. Homeland

While this was the last year for “Dexter” (one of the best TV series ever — sadly, it was not my favorite season and series ending).

“Ray Donavan”, “The Newsroom”, and “The Following” were runners up. So many fantastic television series right now. When you are old enough, you will need to catch up so we can discuss!


Favorite news story of the year:

Bat-kid in San Francisco. Oh man, I read about this story a year ago…and got to watch parts of it take place on a live stream. I don’t know this boy, but man, did his story steal my heart. Read more here:


Favorite event this year:30 seconds to mars | iheartradio

iHeartRadio Music festival in Vegas with Uncle Matt. It was a 2 day event at the MGM Grand. We saw some of our favorites perform like: Elton John, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Bruno Mars, Queen, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, and many more. We did a meet and greet with 30 Seconds to Mars who put on an incredible show during their set. We were given VIP passes to a private pool party, and lounge area for the day concert, and had incredible meals with some fascinating people. I could not get over how incredibly cool it was to experience something like that. I felt like a celebrity myself. I kept pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.





 Favorite place I visited:Nashville

I love travel. This year, we went to Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle (one of my favorite cities), the Bahamas, and lots of other fun places! But my favorite this year was Nashville, Tennessee. We went for a Christmas party that Matt was invited to. We used it as an excuse to explore a new city (one in which I’ve always wanted to visit!). I loved everything about it. The incredible music everywhere in the Honky Tonk bars. The ability to walk anywhere. The crisp and cool air during December. The historic sites and beautiful architecture. Nashville, is a MUST SEE city.





Favorite fashion trends (^^you can see in my Nashville picture, that I hit most of the trends – wedge boots, bright vest, rose gold watch and ombre hair!):

1. Ankle boots and wedges. << I never used to wear any height because I’m tall as it is, but man, I love my wedge boots.

2. Patterned leggings. Jackpot.

3. NEON anything. I love bright colors, and I felt like this year in particular really spoke to me.

4. Yoga pants. LuLuLemon steals your soul and wallet, but they are just too fabulously comfortable.

5. Ombre hair. (Darker hair that fades to lighter). The moment I saw it, I loved it, needed it…so I got it. Haven’t turned back. Still rockin’ it. Your dad even told me that he liked it. That is sayin’ a lot!

6. Rose gold (watches, rings, necklaces etc). Great color for my olive skin.

The best part of this year was being able to see you grow up. Christmas 2013Every time I saw you, something changed, and you just got cuter. Spending time with the people you love is really the secret to having a fabulous year. So let’s make 2014 even more joyful.

With love,

Aunt Megs

Being thankful for butt warmers


Dear Avery,

Thanksgiving is around the corner…and YOU are coming to visit me. I can’t wait to spend time with you. It’s a great time of year to reflect on the things you are thankful for. And yes, being thankful for family, friends, your job, and overall life…are all important things to reflect on. Do that ALL the time. The more thankful you are, the happier you’ll be. I promise.

But what about the small things? The things that get over looked. The things we take for granted. Like:

  • gratitude and thanksMouthwash and deodorant. I mean… we would all smell without them. Oh, and when you get to middle school, make you use them both everyday, sometimes twice a day. Trust me.
  • Butt warmers (it’s what I call them)…in your car. I’ve never had it in my previous cars, but my new car as that feature…and well, it’s lovely. My favorite thing to do on a cold night is turn it up all the way, roll the windows down and let that cool air in. It’s magic.
  • A good book. I carry a book with me everywhere I go (in my car, in my work backpack, in my room..etc). Sometimes, you just need to take yourself out of your own life for awhile and let your imagination take over.
  • Cozy socks and sweatpants. Oh, the comfort!
  • A dog who loves sleep just as much as you do.
  • Wine. A glass (or two) of wine. Somewhere towards the end of college, you’ll figure it out. Until then, it will be disgusting. You’ll adapt.
  • Perfume. Back to that smelling good thing. The best way to apply perfume: two sprays on either side of your neck, and two sprays on the inside of your wrists. I do this everyday, and would be lost without it.
  • Pumpkin spice season… pumpkin bagels, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin anything!
  • NFL red zone. Man, that channel on a Sunday is seriously the best. It fuels my fantasy football competitive side in the best way.
  • Holiday decorations.
  • Chapstick. I’m obsessed.
  • Amazing smelling candles.
  • Naturally messy hair. My mom always tried to brush it, but I always fought her. Now I embrace the crazy.

Without those small things, what would life be like? All of those luxuries add up to a beautiful life, no matter how small they are. So for that, i’m thankful. Hope you are thankful too.

See you soon my dear.

With love,

Aunt Megs

Loving him is fun


Dear Avery,Wedding day

4 years ago today, I was a 22-year-old walking down a beautiful aisle in the church I grew up in, holding your Papa’s arm.  I was walking towards my future husband and excepted his hand in marriage that day. It was easily the best decision I’ve ever made. Your Uncle Matt is: the kindest, most genuine, caring, loving, goofy, can be hilariously crude, wise beyond his years, and best person I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. And he wanted to marry me…can you imagine that?

I knew early on into dating him that I would marry him. And yes, I was 18. And yes teenagers tend to think that every boy they date could be their husband. But this was different (yes, every teenager will say that too. I get it). Your Uncle Matt walked me to breakfast everyday, spent time outdoors and playing sports rather than playing video games inside like the other guys, would open my car door (still does!), would run errands with me, would drive 7 hours by himself over the holidays to come see me, would talk about his feelings (imagine that!), would always be so thoughtful for me and others, would take me to Disneyland and chick flick movies (even though, after we were married he admitted he hated both of those things). But most of all, I knew because of how he treated others and most importantly, his family! << That is a big, huge, MASSIVE, sign when finding your partner.

I feel like all to often we forget to brag about our spouses because we assume they know how great they are. We spend all our time together, so they must know:

  • That you look up to them
  • That you wish you could be half the person they are
  • That you respect their hard work and their diligence to keep their family happy
  • That even in times of struggling, they are still the strongest person you know
  • That they continue to amaze you as each year passes
  • That being goofy and silly are some of the most charming qualities

They must know those things, right? Well, sometimes we forget to share those things, sometimes we are at a loss for words, sometimes even the best card can’t describe a person like that.

So, Aves, thanks for letting me share my feelings towards my better half and my best friend in this post. He’s brought out a light in me that continues to amaze myself. My love for people, my life, and everything around me has grown bigger because of him.

With love,

Aunt Megs

What not to be: Miley Cyrus


Dear Avery,

Sadly, I don’t think Miley Cyrus will be popular when you are old enough to read this. Google her. You’ll see that she started off as a Disney show icon and then suddenly drifted into a lost, very lost, soul.

Idolizing celebrities/artists/athletes/etc is something that we all do at one point of our lives. For me, I loved the Spice Girls (yeah, you’ll have to Google them too) and I thought I was Sporty Spice. There was a time (middle school) I used to dress like her, and when my friends and I got together and sang their songs…that’s “who I was”.

It’s natural to see these people in the limelight and want what they have. But why? It’s not the real world…it’s a fake world made up of fake people and fake ideals.

Back to Miley Cyrus… she is a perfect example of why not to idolize pop stars.

She went from this:


To this (within in a couple years):


Now, with every picture, there is context. The top picture is of her “wholesome” image character she played on TV.  Kids tend to believe these characters are who they really are. You’ll go through this phase. And then you are old enough, you’ll figure out they are just a person like you and me. With that, these images are telling. They tell us that this young girl got lost along the way. She now sings about using drugs, partying until daylight, and not caring about morals or values. All I ask… don’t be that.

You can be emo.

You can be grunge.

You can a tomboy.

You can be Gothic.

You can be artsy.

You can be nerdy.

You can be all of this or none of this, but all you have to be: is true to yourself. Do without the drugs, the underage drinking, the partying to fit in, the need to be center of attention. And if you do get lost, I hope you find your way back sooner than later.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

With love,

Aunt Megs

Home is where the Husband and Dog are


Dear Avery,

Buying a new house is fun, exciting, exhausting, and a tad overwhelming. But making a house into a home is simply incredible. Putting your personal touch into a new place and making it YOURS is a very prideful thing and makes you feel so…grown up. You get to hang your accomplishments on the walls, pick out decor items that represent you, and enjoy the company of your favorite people (and pets) all in one place. Home. It’s a magical thing.

Recently, your Uncle and I decided to sell our starter house and move into a house that we can grow into with a family in the future. It was a fast transaction, but in the end, this is where we were meant to be. Plus, we got to sell our old house to a newly-wed couple (who went to Concordia with us — very small world!), to start their new life. How amazing is that!

I thought I’d share some pictures of my new home with you…so you can get a sense of me through decor (kinda fun, right?).

As you enter the house: The Entryway.

I like color, I like gold, and I love little accents.



To the left, you’ll immediately come into this sitting room:

This room is a collection of old and new. The chairs were passed down to us, some of these accents were wedding gifts (wall mirrors) , and some things were bought along the way.  You can see that I like patterns and solids. I like to play with odd pieces and bring them together. Also, I love potpourri.. its an inexpensive way to make a house smell like a home…and its always so cheery!   Image

The sitting room runs into the dining room. I like having different colored chairs from the color of the table. It makes the table “pop”. Also, adding a family friend’s painting to the room brings in a sense of art culture…plus, it’s a great talking piece.


I have always wanted an open concept kitchen. It flows into the family room and opens up the room for lots of easy conversation. Oh, and if you can’t already tell… I’m obsessed with fake plants (I think it’s because I can’t keep REAL plants alive).


Family room MUST:  must be cozy!


Lastly, a home should have a fun patio. Relax, enjoy the breeze, and maybe watch some baseball on a summer night!



Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my home. Can’t wait to have you come see it in person real soon. :)

With love,

Aunt Megs

Take advice from “The Bachelorette” : Marry up.


Dear Avery,

I’m really hoping the reality show “The Bachelor/The Bachelorette” is still around when you are old enough to watch. I’m kidding… well… OK, kind of. It’s an awfully cheesy yet fabulously addicting 2 hour television event (yes, I’m sure you’ve established by now that your Aunt Megs watches a lot of TV).

Any who, in this last season, the Bachelorette named Des, was torn between a guy that was at her level of maturity, and man that was a level “up”. I was rooting for the level up guy, Chris, the entire time because he was too good for her. In the nicest way possible. He is intelligent, witty, handsome but wasn’t a standout, a little quiet, reserved and well…mature. The other guy was just…someone you’d want to date because he is fun and sweet, but real depth? Not really.

Lots of girls run into this problem… wanting to be with the fun guy, the hot guy, the bad boy, the play hard to get, etc. While that is totally acceptable, in high school and college, marriage is another story. Let me tell you kid, those things only get them so far. This point goes for men as well!! << I don’t discriminate. :)

Key point here: Marry up.

Marry someone who is smarter than you. Marry someone who is funnier than you. Marry someone who will challenge you. Marry someone who won’t always give in. Marry someone who will teach you things and show you new things. Marry someone who doesn’t get overly jealous. Marry someone who can handle your PMS and stress (<< some boys can’t do this). Oh, and marry someone who will watch the Bachelorette with you (against his better judgement) even if he would rather be doing anything else.

In the end, Des chose to marry up. Someone who will make marriage worth it. (Let’s hope anyway!)

Here’s to marrying up, kid. And to finding a mate that will make you a better you.

With love,

Aunt Megs

Farewell to “The Office” : Why is this so hard? (That’s What She Said)


Dear Avery,

Every so often a really great television show comes along. It makes you laugh, cry, and sometimes cringe. “The Office” is one of those shows. It’s a simple story about a paper company, it’s office workers, and the funny/ embarassing / tear-jerkering / awkward /loving situations that ensues during the 9-5 work day. What looks like a boring job, turns out to be a place of comfort and sense of home. Thankfully, NBC gave us 9 whole seasons of a quality show that will go down in history as a classic (more on fun classics later). So years from now, if you are looking for a good show to watch in its entirety…check this one out.

As you know, I love television; I love the escape, love the acting, and I love a good storyline. Finales are sometimes the best part of a series. They wrap up the story and leave a sense of closure for the viewers (hopefully!). The Office finale was really well done. They kept their usual awkward humor but also incorporated some really touching moments — yes, I got tear-eyed! What I loved most was the ease of comparing their office lives to your own. It made you take a step back and think about your own work life.

You are lucky, if:Good Ol' Days - The Office

  •     you have hilarious coworkers who make Mondays better
  •      you have coworkers who give you a hard time for being a sports rival
  •      you have inside jokes and pranks
  •      you have coworkers who leave you surprises/gifts on your desk
  •      you’re apart of a group of habitual afternoon walkers
  •      you have coworkers who watch   the same show (and/movies) and give you something to chat about at the water cooler
  •      you have coworkers who share with you the funny/interesting/unique internet  stories of the day
  •      you have coworkers who challenge you
  •      and you have coworkers that make you feel valued

If you are lucky enough to have this “office culture”…acknowledge it, value it, and enjoy it. I do. I’m thankful everyday for my coworkers whom I really call friends. And as “The Office” character, Andy Benard, says so beautifully in the finale — “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the ‘good old days’ before you’ve actually left them” Wow. Tears started then.

Enough sappy stuff! Let’s get back to the fun point: classic television. If you want to catch up on what your Aunt considers classics or will be classics one day…

(Quick list to get you started…you can start from anywhere in any season and just go!)

  •   Saved By The Bell (skip the whole “college years” section)
  •   Full House
  •   90210
  •   Friends
  •   Big Bang Theory
  •   Modern Family
  •   The Office – clearly!

^^ You’re welcome.

With Love,

Aunt Megs